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Links to all my sites

Google penalizes webmasters who list all their sites on all their pages, so I'm putting links to all my websites here on one page.

Blogs and sites that are entirely mine:

  • Big Ass Superstar - Where you are now. The personal blog of Scott Simpson. The domain was registered around 2000 and the blog has been live since 2005.
  • Cygnals Multimedia - A site I started around 1995. That means one of my web sites is older than many of the people on the Web. It's a dusty ghost town, as I have not given it a significant update since about 1999, and most of the good content has been moved here.
  • Toronto Wrestling Photos and Wrestling Photos - Both sites go to, where I'm showcasing my collection of hundreds of original pro wrestling pictures from the 1980s WWF era in Toronto, my involvement in independent promotions Teen Pro Wrestling, Midget Mania, the RWA and others, and eventually my grown-up fandom.
  • Halifax Wrestling chronicles my Nova Scotia wrestling experiences since moving to Halifax in 2005. If you've been to Halifax wrestling events since then, check in and share your memories.
  • Cub Is A Band - The evolution of the original Cygnals Cub Page, which is the oldest and now perhaps the only fan site for Cub, a punk band from the mid-1990s.
  • Your Slideshow - An attempt to monetize my skills with video editing, turning peoples' photographs into moving slide shows. Hasn't really panned out.

Social Media:

  • Facebook - I'm not on Facebook. I've never had a Facebook account. Sorry.
  • Google+ - But I've been on Google+ for a while. Add me to your circles. Tons of photos here.
  • Twitter - @simpson957
  • YouTube - More than a million views for my videos
  • Flickr - bigasssuperstar - My photostream since 2005 including lots of 80s/90s wrestling.
  • LinkedIn - A professional profile for business networking
  • SoundCloud - Easy access to my songs, music and select radio sound clips
  • - A good idea at the time.

Other sites to see:

  • - Serves about the same function as the page you're reading. Easy way to share "here's all you need to know about Scott Simpson."
  • News95.7 - News-Talk station in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I'm an anchor, reporter and talk show host. You'll find a lot of my news stories here.
  • - The funniest, weirdest and worst ads on Kijiji online classifieds. I read it a lot and submit funny Kijiji ads.
  • Vimeo and 500px are classy video and photo sites that I'm on but don't use as much as YouTube and Flickr.
  • Klout - began confusing me after they upgraded the whole interface, but you can still +K me.
  • Formspring and Kred, but I go there so rarely, I'm not even going to link them.


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Today was my last day at work, and I'm okay with that

Today marks a weird spot on the calendar for me. It’s one of those landmarks that really doesn’t mean anything, other than to illustrate the weirdness of time and how we feel it. As of today, my son Gordon has been without his mother longer than he was with her. The length of time Amanda has been gone is now longer than the length of time we were a family of three. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but that dangblasted calendar tells me it’s almost three years. I have not said a word about it to G, but tonight, for the first time in a long time, he pulled out the Missing Mummy book for bedtime. Today was my last day in broadcasting for a while, as far as I can tell. I spent the past five years as Program Director at Newstalk 1290 CJBK in London, Ontario. And in recent years, I was also the noon-hour show host, afternoon news anchor, a commercial voice guy, TV news promo voice guy, and more. Also in the past five years, I’ve bought a house, endured renovation

A request, as we reach two years

Wow, long time no write. I didn't enjoy this past winter. I was certainly in a long slump. Things were very challenging at work. Gordon was awesome, as always, but I was just in a sustained funk from last summer on. And I'm not sure I'm all the way out of it yet. I'm still largely in quiet hermit mode, but have been making progress at resuming social contact. Little dude and I have a very busy summer that will go by in a flash. This Thursday will mark two years since Amanda died. I still replay the events of that night in my head almost every day. I'd like to not. Sometimes it feels like forever ago, but sometimes I'm right there all over again. Hey, can I ask for your help with something? Two years ago, so many wonderful people told me that if there was anything they could do to help .... Well, I don't ask often. And I should've asked more. And I should ask more even now. I'm still not comfortable asking. But I'm asking for this. I put

Hard to believe it's been a year - but it has

One year ago today, we lost Amanda. Time plays tricks on all of us. We can think "that was so long ago" at the same time as "it feels like yesterday." I run into this all the time with Amanda's death. Yes, it feels like just yesterday, or last night, or later today, that Amanda collapsed in the kitchen and died after that long, brutal battle with ovarian cancer. But every day has ticked by at a pace like any other, and it's been a whole year of those days, with incremental and sometimes revolutionary change. As I move about our home, it's hard to fathom that she's been gone a whole year. Amanda's garden awakens, early Spring 2017. Many of the decorative items she carefully arranged throughout the house are in the exact same place as the last time she touched them. She had the vision, not me, so I've been reluctant to disturb her decisions on what looks good and works. In other places, I'm reminded that it's been at least