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Links to all my sites

Google penalizes webmasters who list all their sites on all their pages, so I'm putting links to all my websites here on one page.

Blogs and sites that are entirely mine:

  • Big Ass Superstar - Where you are now. The personal blog of Scott Simpson. The domain was registered around 2000 and the blog has been live since 2005.
  • Cygnals Multimedia - A site I started around 1995. That means one of my web sites is older than many of the people on the Web. It's a dusty ghost town, as I have not given it a significant update since about 1999, and most of the good content has been moved here.
  • Toronto Wrestling Photos and Wrestling Photos - Both sites go to, where I'm showcasing my collection of hundreds of original pro wrestling pictures from the 1980s WWF era in Toronto, my involvement in independent promotions Teen Pro Wrestling, Midget Mania, the RWA and others, and eventually my grown-up fandom.
  • Halifax Wrestling chronicles my Nova Scotia wrestling experiences since moving to Halifax in 2005. If you've been to Halifax wrestling events since then, check in and share your memories.
  • Cub Is A Band - The evolution of the original Cygnals Cub Page, which is the oldest and now perhaps the only fan site for Cub, a punk band from the mid-1990s.
  • Your Slideshow - An attempt to monetize my skills with video editing, turning peoples' photographs into moving slide shows. Hasn't really panned out.

Social Media:

  • Facebook - I'm not on Facebook. I've never had a Facebook account. Sorry.
  • Google+ - But I've been on Google+ for a while. Add me to your circles. Tons of photos here.
  • Twitter - @simpson957
  • YouTube - More than a million views for my videos
  • Flickr - bigasssuperstar - My photostream since 2005 including lots of 80s/90s wrestling.
  • LinkedIn - A professional profile for business networking
  • SoundCloud - Easy access to my songs, music and select radio sound clips
  • - A good idea at the time.

Other sites to see:

  • - Serves about the same function as the page you're reading. Easy way to share "here's all you need to know about Scott Simpson."
  • News95.7 - News-Talk station in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I'm an anchor, reporter and talk show host. You'll find a lot of my news stories here.
  • - The funniest, weirdest and worst ads on Kijiji online classifieds. I read it a lot and submit funny Kijiji ads.
  • Vimeo and 500px are classy video and photo sites that I'm on but don't use as much as YouTube and Flickr.
  • Klout - began confusing me after they upgraded the whole interface, but you can still +K me.
  • Formspring and Kred, but I go there so rarely, I'm not even going to link them.


Popular posts from this blog

Gordon turns four and has questions

Gordon wanted to know where mommy went.

Not what happened to her body, but where SHE went.

We celebrated his fourth birthday this weekend with three gatherings. One at our house with his little friends. One at nana and grampa's house. One in Stratford with the Simpson clan.

The big party for the kids was a success. I'd never planned such an event. Thank goodness for the Internet, where I found a Martha Stewart article that laid out the basics. And thank goodness for Party City, which had a ton of Transformers party stuff ready to buy. I wasn't feeling well, but managed to pull it off. Thanks to sister Shannon and SIL Amy for being the Designated Adults who helped in wrangling and last-minute logistics. G thought the whole event was kind of loud, but he really enjoyed it. And I feel like a winner for making it happen -- some of the other parents even chimed in that they now know what goes into a kid's party, since they were as clueless as me! Great!

Great time at nana&#…

Things get much worse as tumours spread fast

Things crawl in the darkness
That imagination spins
Needles at your nerve ends
Crawl like spiders on your skin

Pounding in your temples
And a surge of adrenaline
Every muscle tense —
To fence
The enemy within - Rush, "The Enemy Within"
We don't know how or why, if there is a how or a why, but Amanda's cancer has woken up and is on the move, double-time. Things have become much worse in the time since the last update.

At that point, the docs had found a couple of spots on her ribs that were causing her pain. They zapped it with radiation to give her some relief.

Since then, things have progressed quickly.

Just after the hospital stay when they were trying to get Amanda's pain under control, docs found more bone metastases in her sacrum (large, triangular bone at the base of the spine) and iliac crest (the big wing-like bone on the pelvis where they harvest bone marrow). More radiation. This time, the radiation hasn't knocked the pain down.
Then she had headac…

The sweet smell of success (the opposite of that)

Let me lock in the system at warp 2 Push it into systematic overdrive - U know what 2 do - Ween, "Poop Ship Destroyer"
Pardon the juvenile humour off the top, but this journey has been so unreal that I can't help but fall back on laughing in the absence of appropriate things to say.

Amanda's headed for another big surgery this week.

Quick recap of how we got here: She went into hospital in late January to have her ovarian cancer tumours taken out. That surgery ended up taking a foot-long chunk of her colon, so they spliced what was left to her nature-given outlet. Well, that blew apart and she went for emergency colostomy surgery. THAT didn't work, either, as illustrated by our guiding light with the scalpel hand and the silver tongue, Dr. Sugimoto:

The business end of the remaining colon sloughed its way back into her insides and strictured itself off, creating a cul-de-sac with no escape for poop nor gas. They put her on TPN (full nutrition by IV) but let her …