Podcast: Neurodiverse Love with Mona Kay

This is my deepest, most vulnerable, most real appearance in any medium ever.

I was recently a guest on a popular podcast called Neurodiverse Love with Mona Kay. She's a couples therapist who helps folks with issues that arise when people of mixed neurotypes are in long-term relationships.

I contacted Mona after hearing a great episode in which someone was discussing the unique challenges of being an autistic parent. (Not an 'autism parent', but an autistic person who is raising a child.) The fella said something along the lines of "and I can't *imagine* how someone could do this as a single parent." 

Well, I've lived that and am living that. Mona and I had a good talk, and I joined her for an interview for the podcast.

We got deep deep deep. Deeper than you might be comfortable hearing, honestly. And if you don't already know much about autistic people and what can go really wrong when nobody knows there's autism in the mix, you may be left puzzled or offended from time to time. Offended by me, for how I was and how I describe it, or maybe at her for compassionately egging me on instead of saying "you WHAT?!" If you *do* know neurodivergence, it's a whole different story.


Big thanks to Mona for having me on, and thank you to everyone who supported us or my wife or me or our son during the time discussed in the episode. I'm only still here because other people have cared. I don't take your support for granted. Thank you!


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