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Amanda's cancer spreads, radiation and palliative care begins

EVERYDAY PEOPLE EVERYDAY SHAME EVERYDAY PROMISE SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES EVERYDAY SUNRISE ANOTHER EVERYDAY STORY RISE FROM THE ASHES — A BLAZE OF EVERYDAY GLORY If the future’s looking dark We’re the ones who have to shine If there’s no one in control We’re the ones who draw the line Though we live in trying times — We’re the ones who have to try Though we know that time has wings — We’re the ones who have to fly -- Rush, "Everyday Glory" It's World Ovarian Cancer Day, 2016. Let's cut right to it. Amanda's cancer has spread to her bones. She's begun radiation treatment and the palliative care team is trying to control her pain. Now, that sounds pretty scary. And it is. Just a few weeks after being released from hospital to go home and heal, Amanda started getting bad pain in her shoulder. That soon moved to her ribs. She went to see Dr. Sugimoto for a follow-up visit intended to assess her wound healing and how her colostomy was