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She's home

Gordon was home sick today and spent most of two hours crying and pleading for mommy to come home. Then she did. And he immediately fell asleep in her arms. This is the moment she's waited nearly three months for.  She has a lot of healing left to do, but this is a big day. 

Homeward bound, we hope!

Sorry for the big gap between updates, but I think there's good news to report. If all goes well, Amanda could be coming home .... tomorrow! It's been nearly three weeks, I think, since Amanda's second colostomy surgery. They did a transverse loop colostomy on the other side of her abdomen. She came out of it with a whole bunch of retention sutures bringing the wound together. It's a mess in there, that's for sure, but this one looks like a keeper. Crossing a footbridge over fast-flowing water can be intimidating but exhilarating. "I want mama home." The first few days after surgery were rough. Amanda was pretty well out of it, either in a lot of pain or so drugged up that she couldn't stay awake. There's that fine line between "relief of pain" and "you've stopped breathing." Once she got through that, there was more pain -- the site of the stoma (new hole where the intestine is revealed) is right about where she