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Unfortunate news on Amanda's cancer: more treatment ahead

I was hoping not to have to write a post like this for a long, long time, but the time has come. Amanda's going to have to go through treatment again. Amanda celebrated her 37th birthday at the start of October. Every birthday is a bonus now -- the initial diagnosis suggested she wouldn't live this long. Heck, she's half-way to her dream goal of seeing Gordon off to kindergarten. But just around the corner from the birthday cake was the quarterly CT scan and analysis. Friends, the news wasn't good. The small tumours the doctors have been calling "nodules" for the past year and a half are still stable on the aromatase inhibitors (hormone blockers). But there's this mass in her pelvis, roughly where her uterus used to be, that's been growing over time. Now it's grown quickly enough that the doctor thinks something needs to be done. This mass is a mystery and has been all along. It was first spotted, gosh, more than a year ago. At first, th