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Gordon turns two; quarterly scan results are in

Time flies like an arrow. Two years ago, we went to the hospital for a delivery and our lives changed forever. For all the heartbreak and trauma that's followed, we've had one constant throughout -- this awesome little guy, Gordon. Happy birthday to my little boy. It brings me to tears how much I love him. Every day is an adventure. I'm so lucky to be his daddy. More good news from Amanda's doctors. Her latest CT scan shows the measurable tumors are stable, and at least one shrank a little more. And we got the best explanation yet for a previously-unexplained "mass" that would show up on some scans. Looks like that one's not cancerous, but is the carcass of the abscess that caused her such grief after her hysterectomy. As the snow melts away, Amanda is looking forward to getting out into the garden. I'm looking forward to seeing Gordon out back, running around, getting dirty, learning how to help things grow. Here's hoping this ye