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Someone's mistake leads to some good news on Amanda's cancer

This might not sound like good news at first, but follow along. Amanda has stopped chemotherapy immediately and is not going to be treated in Toronto further for now. When Amanda's cancer was first discovered during her c-section in April, 2013, samples were sent for histology -- a microscopic analysis of the cells to determine the type of cancer and the grade. Tumour grade is the description of a tumour based on how abnormal the tumour cells and the tumour tissue look under a microscope. It is an indicator of how quickly a tumour is likely to grow and spread. More samples were taken when surgeons took out Amanda's reproductive organs and removed all the cancer they could find. The Halifax pathologists determined it was a mix of high-grade and low-grade, and the doctors went about treating it as high-grade. High-grade tumours divide rapidly, so they're supposed to be more receptive to chemotherapy agents that target cells that divide rapidly. As you've read here,