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Eventful week: Sold house, new job, new surgery

Wow, what a week. As discussed here, Amanda and I are heading to London, Ontario to be near family and pursue treatment. We know ovarian cancer will end her life, and we want to be around the greatest support. Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto also has more clinical trials available in the event the current trial proves unsuccessful in holding back the growth of her tumors. Just a few of the improvements visible from outside. Our realtor came on the long weekend to take pictures of the house. It was listed on Monday. Monday night, the agent called to say we had a viewing scheduled for Tuesday morning. We reviewed an offer on Tuesday evening and wrote up a counter. Before we even got to bed, the buyer agreed to terms and we had a deal. Now it's down to conditions and we head toward a closing date near the end of May. Yes, the house sold in one day . There wasn't even time to put a sign on the lawn. We were afraid of a long process, as we'd bought the least ex

A good friend will be pounding the pavement to help us out

It's been an eventful few weeks. Amanda's begun the new chemotherapy trial and the side effects haven't been too bad so far. Certainly not as pronounced as they were from the carbo-taxol combo last year. Her veins are pretty bad from all the chemo last time, so they've been having to poke her so many times to find a good place to infuse the drugs. Tomorrow she'll go in to have a port implanted near her collarbone, so the nurses will be able to just stick the needle there instead of having to fish around for the vein. Amanda gets her first dose of the mystery drug....or a placebo. There's some other big news that I'll hold back on for a bit, but it's good stuff. Not cancer stuff, but Big Life Stuff. I want to tell you a bit about something some good friends of ours are doing. We met Greg and Suzanne Morrow when Greg worked with me at News95.7. Greg's a talented broadcaster and one of those superbly nice guys everyone should get to know in t

Happy birthday to Gordon, and good news for Amanda

Our little boy Gordon is now a year old. He continues to impress. We had a party for him on the weekend and lots of people came out to see him demolish and consume a cake. I think he's finally burned off all the sugar. Me, Gordon and Amanda at G's first birthday party. In some much-needed good news for Amanda, she found out on the morning of G's birthday that she's been accepted into the clinical trial! She's in the PROCEED trial we wrote about here recently . This comes after an extended series of blood tests, CT scans, further imaging and a whole lot of anxious waiting. CTV News reporter Amanda Debison met up with us yesterday to do a follow-up to the story they did about us last May . You can see the report about Gordon's birthday and Amanda's clinical trial at CTV News . Thanks to everyone who's been helping, visiting, emailing and otherwise being awesome in recent weeks. We feel your support.