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With cancer treatment done, the family heads for a new normal

After her ovarian cancer was found during the c-section birth of our son Gordon in April, and after six months of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries, complications and hospitalizations, my wife Amanda is recovering. Treatment is officially over. She's still tired and easily fatigued. The chemo has left her anemic and with with lingering joint pain. Toward the end of the treatment, she was really feeling down. She seems to be coming back to her normal self. It's clear the chemo has left some side effects behind: neuropathy -- nerve damage in her feet, mostly; some "chemo brain" symptoms that show up as she grabs the wrong words when trying to explain something, although that could be "mommy brain"; and an unclear situation about the abscess she had after one of the surgeries. Her hair's starting to come back! That's nice to see. As for what happens next -- we're not exactly sure. The thing about cancer treatment is that once you're do

Big changes at work, including no more Maritime Morning Weekend Edition

Yesterday was one of those days that happens from time to time in radio, but nobody wants to be part of. The company where I work laid off a bunch of people and made big changes to the programming schedule. It's hard to say goodbye to Maritime Morning Weekend Edition, the show I've been hosting for nearly a year. It's a lot harder to say goodbye to some terrific people who I got to work with for as long as eight years. Erica Munn was my broadcast partner when we launched in 2005, co-hosting the afternoon news wheel. Erica has deeply-held convictions and has a beautiful voice. She's a zany character and definitely an original. The newsroom is already different without her here. Scott Macintosh delivered our sportscasts from the first day. While most broadcasters make speaking errors from time to time, often several times a day, Scott only flubbed once or twice a year. He's professional, reliable, even-tempered and a genuinely nice guy. He worked the most br