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She went in to have our baby and came out with a cancer diagnosis

It's been two weeks since my wife and I welcomed our son Gordon into the world. It's also been two weeks since we found out Amanda has cancer. We went into the IWK on Tuesday, April 2nd for a Cesarean section prompted by an ultrasound earlier in the pregnancy that showed the placenta dangerously close to the cervix . Too close and she could bleed to death during delivery. An ultrasound closer to the due date showed the placenta in a slightly safer place, but now blood vessels were blocking the way out. An emergency C-section was in order. So we went in, three weeks early. The delivery went smoothly. Our baby Gordon was frank breech , pulled out buttocks-first. I went over and cut the cord. I brought our first child back to Amanda to let her see. It was better than I'd expected! Then the surgeon started talking about finding bumps. Instead of stitching her up, the team was finding trouble inside her. They had to page the oncologist. I went into shock, sweating and h

Little Ass Superstar rocks out and learns the Force

Ontario-bound friend  +Jenn Howell  gave us this "LITTLE ASS SUPERSTAR" onesie at Amanda's baby shower, and my goal on Friday was to do a little photo shoot of him wearing it. I don't have the baby-soothing finesse or technical prowess of a pro like talented and fabulous Halifax shooter Shannon Bower  but I did get about two shots out of one hundred that were decent before giving up due to crying and peeing. Baby Gordon also put up a fuss.

I had a baby. His name is Gordon. OMG.

So, it's been a week now. Amanda had a baby. Our baby. His name is Gordon and here's his first video. If you're friends or family with me on Google+, you'll see a whole gallery of awesome pictures that I took with the camera that I bought with the money that I saved from the cigarettes that I stopped smoking when I found out she was pregnant. And a 50mm lens, which is great.