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Halifax Rush ticket presale failure

I had three goals today: get a haircut, buy Rush tickets in the fan club pre-sale and meet with some guys about shooting video of an upcoming wrestling show. Two out of three, but the biggest one was a big failure! I got to the Rush pre-sale site (Ticketstoday) and went through the initial steps -- yes I'm of age, yes I accept the conditions, Halifax please, etc. etc. I selected two (2) lower bowl seats. I checked the Halifax Metro Centre seating chart  (printed out in advance) and wasn't sure I loved the seats, so I selected the "find me a different pair" button and ........ all gone. WHAT?! In TWO minutes? So, I kept at it. Find tickets -- there are no tickets. Find tickets -- there are no tickets. Find tickets -- there are no tickets. Find tickets -- there are no tickets. (etc.) Find tickets -- there are no tickets. Find tickets -- there are no tickets. Find tickets -- here are two tickets. Want them? YES. YES I want those tickets. Okay, yes, addr

Interviewed Anne Murray this weekend about Family Guy

Canadian music legend Anne Murray is going to be on the Fox animated TV series Family Guy tonight. I've been a Family Guy fan from the beginning and I think Anne Murray's " There's A Hippo In My Tub " was the first record album my parents every bought me. So, imagine my delight when I heard that Anne Murray was going to star as Anne Murray on Family Guy! I was working on ideas for this weekend's editions of Maritime Morning on News95.7 and decided to take a shot at booking someone to talk about it. I called the Anne Murray Centre in Springhill, NS and made my pitch. They asked if I wanted to talk to Anne or someone from the Centre. It hadn't even occurred to me that I could talk to Anne Murray. They said they could try. They called back soon afterward with Anne's phone number. Go figure! Here's how it went on Saturday morning at 10am. Enjoy! ANNE MURRAY on being Anne Murray for an episode of Family Guy. [Download] (To download: Rig

A great (Winter) day at White Point

A great (Winter) day at White Point , originally uploaded by BigAssSuperBlog . One of several photos I've put up at flickr showing the sights at White Point Beach Resort. We went there early this week for a two-day escape which may very well be the last getaway we have for years. Call it a 'babymoon.' Click on the photo to be taken to flickr, where you can see more. I'm new at developing photos in Photoshop, so I'm not sure if I'm taking them too far in any artistic direction, but some of them look kind of cool!

Battle of Wits proves I can't do math

Math was never my strong suit in school, but I rarely see how badly my number skills have deteriorated. A spotlight shone on that deficit recently as I took part in the Crime Stoppers Halifax Battle of Wits. The weekend event at the Atlantica Halifax hotel was the 10th annual competition and the second time I've taken part. Last year's News95.7 team placed respectably for a debut team. Illness kept some of our players away from the table this year, so we welcomed the mother and father of Lite92.9 host Jamie Paterson. Twenty-five teams of five battled on paper in a series of timed, written contests covering a variety of categories. Architecture, sports, theatre, film, language, popular culture, history, trivia and more. We fared well in some categories, but I was able to offer nothing on the math problems. Here's the kind of problem that confuses me as a 39-year-old: y = (x+3)(x-3)^2. Okay, you might look at that and say "SIX!" but I don't even know whe