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The Saga of JD Hawkeye Tree Cutting concludes: When a refund's not a refund

This post wraps up the issues raised in JD Hawkeye Tree Cutting punished by province, customer complaints and A deal is a deal? Dealfind for JD Hawkeye Tree Cutting goes bad. Well, I got a refund of sorts. No, Dealfind Halifax did not give me my money back. Here's what Dealfind said after learning the details of my case (emphasis mine): We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. This is not the standard we accept from companies that we run deals with. We do go through great lengths to ensure that our vendors are reputable and provide our customers with excellent service. You can continue to rely on us to find you great deals. Dealfind proudly offers a full refund for unused vouchers within the period outlined in our refund policy ( We generally do not offer refunds after this period, with the exception of a business closure, in which case we provide Dealfind Dollars for the price paid for the v