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JD Hawkeye Tree Cutting punished by province, customer complaints

** UPDATE Jan 24/2012: It's been brought to my attention that someone has been running Kijiji ads pointing to this page in what may be some kind of third-party smear campaign against Daniel and JD Hawkeye. Let me state this clearly: I have had no dealings with JD Hawkeye regarding firewood. My complaints are spelled out very clearly and very specifically here, and I have no part in any shenanigans involving warning ads on Kijiji. I'm a proud Kijiji user and I know that the rules clearly specify that warning ads are *not* allowed. If I see any ads on Kijiji citing any of my blog posts, I will take action to have the posts removed and the posters barred from the site. My complaints are my own and is the venue where I've chosen to express them. (Plus one post on Gripevine, a start-up run by a popular Halifax musician.) Whoever's involving me in his personal pissing contest -- stop it. --- Following up on the recent post about Daniel from JD Hawkeye

A deal is a deal? Dealfind for JD Hawkeye Tree Cutting goes bad

** Updates will be at the bottom of the post. See also other customers' complaints about JD Hawkeye Tree Cutting Ltd and Daniel , plus action taken by the province. *sigh* Groupon, Dealfind and other group-buy providers seem like a great deal, and I've had tremendous success with some of them. I've had some wonderful deals and great experiences. But when the vendor turns into a weasel, you can be left up a tree. In July 2011, I bought a voucher through Dealfind for $99, which was to entitle me to $300 worth of tree cutting and tree trimming services from a 'company' called JD Hawkeye . We had some branches that needed to come off a tree overhanging the house. The voucher had a "can't use this before" date, but specified that "The amount paid for this voucher never expires." We called the company for an estimate, and Daniel (902-981-5651) eventually came out to have a look around. We showed him the tree we needed trimmed, and he sai