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Showing posts from December, 2011

Ohio Kyle: The Adventure Returns

Here's a special treat, just in time for Christmas. My friends and I used to make movies on our school vacations. Here's the most ambitious one we cooked up: an Indiana Jones-inspired adventure called Ohio Kyle. I recently got around to giving it the George Lucas treatment, re-editing the old, wavy, fourth-generation VHS and adding a proper soundtrack. Here's the original VHS, starring Kyle Upton as Ohio Kyle, Zach Euler as Black Zach, Bayne Upton as a bunch of people, and me as a guy here and there. Mostly I was running the camera. And here's the high-def Special Edition. Blow it up full-screen with your speakers cranked for the full effect. More Big Ass Videos on the BigAssSuperstar YouTube Channel.

Mind The Gap (2011)

It's been just about a year since I released my most recent record, "Mind The Gap" and I've been listening to it in the car now and then. Eh, it's certainly not perfect, but some of the tracks still hold up. I still dig Ocean Man, New York City and the way-too-much-reverb Ship Song. I really enjoy the guitar break in Buenas Tardes. The album's been available (and still is) on BitTorrent, but now you can listen to pretty much the whole thing via Soundcloud. Enjoy. Mind The Gap (2011) by Simpson957