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Super 8mm Films - My first movies

My start in the media world happened a long, long time ago. One could argue that I began in print or radio, but for the visual side of things, there's no arguing that I began with a plastic movie camera from Zellers, a 3-minute cartridge of Super-8 film and a front yard full of snow. I've had my old movies transferred to HD video by the fine folks at Hourglass Media in Dartmouth . I've brought new life to the old film by adding soundtracks to every single one. Dig the crazy stop-motion shenanigans below. Check it out full-screen and in stereo for the full effect.

Talk show was a hit!

I filled in on Saturday and Sunday for Erin Trafford on Maritime Morning Weekend Edition on News95.7, News88.9 and News91.9. It went very well! I really enjoyed it. I was more comfortable than I expected. The feedback has been astounding. It sounds like folks liked listening to me. I'm honored to have been given the opportunity and hope to try it again some time. For those who missed it, here's a segment from the show! personal finance and frugality blogger Kerry K. Taylor , better known on the web as Squawkfox. We talked money -- more about saving it than making it. 2011-11-19 squawkfox on maritime morning-news957 halifax by Simpson957 Thanks to everyone who tuned in, and especially to the guests, callers, producer Brett Ruskin, regular host Erin Trafford and my boss Mark Campbell for giving me the shot.

Six hours of me talking

I've been in the news-radio business long enough that I've tried almost everything there is to try ... with a few exceptions. This weekend brings a whole new challenge: The Talk Show! I'm filling in for Erin Trafford this Saturday & Sunday (November 19/20) on Maritime Morning Weekend Edition. Producer Brett Ruskin has helped line up a great pair of shows, running 9am to noon, Atlantic Time. You're welcome to tune in on the Rogers radio stations in Halifax, Moncton and Saint John, or listen live on the net at , where you may one day also find a podcastable replay. Very exciting!