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Showing posts from October, 2011

Congrats to Halifax on the shipbuilding win

Spent the evening at the Halifax Shipyards, where the Irving-owned facility learned it won the $25-billion dollar contract in the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy. AFAIK, it's the biggest single publically-awarded contract in Canadian history. It'll bring three decades of jobs to this city. Congratulations to the workers! It was great to be at a story with so much positive energy. I snapped a lot of photos at the event, but this one's my favourite. Let the good times roll!

Video: Lazy Kitty grooms while eating

Kitty scoops food off her plate and alternates eating while grooming, with a big dry heave at the end. Yes, Amanda's cat is endlessly entertaining.

Quickie update: Gravel fairy, grade upgrade

Here's a before and after shot ... before and after the gravel fairy arrived. See, after I took the first picture and remarked, gee, I sure wish we had some gravel to fix the grading around the property .... a guy in a dump truck pulled up two days later and dumped a pile of gravel at the end of our driveway, free. I know. Sounds impossible. But the gravel fairy is real. Did I do an okay job? Is this going to help prevent the floor of the shed from being wet all the time?

Quickie update: Amanda's ball team kicks butt

Just a quickie update about something that happened when the site was dark. Amanda's baseball team, the Demons, went to the day-long St. Margaret's Women's Slow-Pitch League tournament after a so-so season. No big expectations. But they kicked some butt, making it into the final brackets with a spectacular third-place finish. Way to go, Demons!