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Vacation: Deck, wrestling, deck, cottage, deck I don't know the last time I took three weeks off for summer vacation. It's possible I never have. We spent most of the first week stripping the deck. Or, more accurately, trying to strip the deck. That'll get a full post in the future. I went to wrestling for the first time in a while, with local radio superstar and former pro wrestler Griff "Griff" 'Barry Hatchet' Henderson, and Glen from another station. Some of the action was just godawful terrible. Some of it was a whole lot of fun. Check some of the other pictures I took via the Yfrog link above. Thanks to Griff for inviting me out again. I always come home with my voice wrecked. If you're trying to reach me over the next week, you can try my cell or blackberry (my work email address, for those who have it), as I'll be at the cottage! We've rented a cottage in Nova Scotia to get the hell away from the deck stripping. It should be a nice getaway. After t

Summer vacation vs Summer spending

Oh, the perils of being a responsible adult. Y'all know I'm big on budgeting and saving and paying off debt and all that personal finance jazz. I was on and on about it a couple of years ago, and I'm still on it. My vision: Have an emergency fund, pay off strategic debts, return to accumulating cash, invest a decent portion, live frugally and on a budget, and come out ahead. There's more detail than that, but you get the point. We're oh-so-close to paying off the loan for the older of the two cars, the '06 Kia Rio, which I now drive to work. The interest rate on that loan resets (goes up) in the fall, so the plan has been to get it paid off before then. Once our tax returns get filed (don't start with me on that), we'll be able to pay it off, kerblam. That'll free up another few hundred dollars each month into our monthly cash flow. More cash flow means more opportunities to build up cash to accomplish goals and eventually build wealth. We&#

Royal Tour in PEI: Duke and Duchess in Canada

Guess what I was up to for the past few days? I was assigned to report on the Royal Tour as it stopped in PEI. I Tweeted the heck out of it, snapped photos, shot video and did frequent reports for Halifax, Saint John, Moncton, Toronto, Kitchener, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver stations, plus a few live interviews. In short, it was very busy. I was also asked to shoot video and send it to City in Toronto, but I'm not sure if they used it. I figured I might as well edit something together to show what I got. I hope you like it! (Hint: If your machine will show it, watch in 720p ... it's in HD!)