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The Case of the Dented Hood

Mystery dents on hood of car , originally uploaded by BigAssSuperBlog . I've solved an infuriating mystery, and the outcome is satisfactory. Yesterday, I noticed these nasty dents on the hood of my car. They didn't appear to be from gravel. It looked as though something heavy had fallen from above. I racked my brain trying to figure out what could've made such an impact, and remembered that crews were installing fiber optic cables on my street on Friday. When we arrived home from a hospital visit on Friday afternoon, the bucket truck was right above my car, which was parked on the street. The crews were using rollers to string up the cable parallel to the existing phone lines. They look like pulleys or roller skates -- brackets with springs and wheelies. I suspected that one of them must have fallen off the line and hit the car. Luckily, nosy me had asked the crews on Friday what they were installing and for what company. The traffic control lady said it was for high-defini