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Finally, it's done: Big Ass Superstar: Mind The Gap

I've been hacking away at it for years, but I finally decided to put an end to the endless tinkering and declare that I'm done with my 'new record', Mind The Gap . The result is 13 tracks (plus two 'hidden' bonus tracks) of covers of songs by Cub, Ween, Nick Cave, Diesel Boy and Sesame Street . CD copies will be going out in the mail soon to the usual suspects, plus the whole thing is available in a neat and tidy 78MB BitTorrent download via BTJunkie , among others. ** Note: Due to a mastering error on Track 5, the torrent has been recompiled. Download again if you weren't happy with the first release. Sorry for the mistake! Full details are here on the site on the Mind The Gap page . Track listing: 1. Ocean Man (Ween cover) 2. Ticket To Spain (Cub cover) 3. Your Bed (Cub cover) 4. Buenas Tardes Amigo (Ween cover) 5. Sorry Charlie (Ween cover) 6. New York City (Cub cover) 7. Captain Fantasy (Ween cover) 8. Touch My Tooter (Ween cover) 9.

Google ad matches Kitty picture

Noticed this confluence of imagery and thought it was funny...