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Last minute Kijiji ad finds us on a week-long adventure

With our vacation fast approaching, Amanda spotted a great deal on a week-long cottage rental. Someone had flaked out on their booking, so we got a steal on this little cottage in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. It was well worth it. A week away from phones, computers, broadcast TV and the kitties. We got a lot of reading done: Amanda read The Book of Negroes, Donnie Brasco and Of Human Bondage. My reading was entirely nonfiction, including the full printed how-to manual for audio production software Reaper (seriously, it was interesting), plus two Malcolm Gladwell books: The Tipping Point and Blink. I also dove into a book about word origins that's rather interesting! I even went in the lake a little bit. W00t. Good time. Great food. Wonderful company. Great stars above -- I even saw two spectacular shooting stars. Tried s'mores for the first time. The bugs weren't even bad. Here's a photo slideshow from the matching Flickr gallery . Enjoy!