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Yet another new web site in the Cygnals/Big Ass family

I'm using blogger to launch yet another web site. That's where I'm showcasing my slideshow work and hustling for new clients. I still don't have a price structure up, because I don't feel like being the kind of guy who nickels and dimes people. Even so, I don't want to sell myself short, either. So, under the umbrella of Big Ass web sites and loosely-linked affiliates: : the venerable old Cygnals Multimedia site, dumping ground for old, old information like my previous life as pro wrestling star Doctor Love, and remnants of the old Cygnals magazine : where you are now, obviously : a fan site dedicated to now-defunct Vancouver punky-pop band Cub : slideshows and video montages made in Halifax for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, memorials and farewells and : hilarious mocking of listings on free classifieds sites Kijiji

Big Ass Pic in national magazine

Well, here's a treat. PrintAction, Canada's Graphic Communication Magazine , contacted me a while back about using one of my flickr photos in an upcoming issue. They used it, and sent along the magazine. For all I can remember, Amanda may have shot this one. Or it could've been me, just shooting around Citadel Hill as we waited for the Canada Day parade. Here's the original from flickr : And here's how it turned out in the magazine, turned into a backdrop for a calendar of events: Very cool. Thanks, PrintAction magazine!

Andrew Krystal leaves Halifax, returns to The Great Satan, Toronto

Andrew Krystal leaves Halifax for Fan590 from Scott Simpson on Vimeo . (Click fullscreen for the full experience.) One of the first people I got to know when I moved to Halifax almost five years ago is returning to the city that spawned him. Andrew Krystal, host of Maritime Morning on News95.7 , News88.9 and News91.9 since the launch in 2005, is taking a job at Toronto sports station The Fan 590 . Andrew and I each had somewhat tumultuous adjustments to changing jobs and locations in the beginning -- his more public than mine. But in the end, we each ended up married, happier and more stable. Andrew's wife Michelle asked me to put together a little slide show for his departure. It ended up not being shown at his farewell gathering last night at Brussels Restaurant in the Halifax Historic Properties, due to technical reasons. So, I promised Michelle that it'd find an audience on the interwebs. Andrew: you're an interesting dude, and I'm glad I was a positive

The wedding I don't remember

Spotted this photo on today : Even though I know that's not me in the middle, kissing the bride, I've had to study the photo carefully to convince myself that it's not me! Why am I Mr. Sparkle?

Lazy, man, lazy

Just went through my flickr looking for an acceptable picture of myself, and had to go back two years to the NYC trip. Wha? Yeah, I've hardly been posting lately, either here or on flickr. I have had some new Youtube videos up. But yes, friends, fans, haters and creepy bear-loving creepersons, I've been slack in my devotion to over-exposition of my life. I attribute that, in part, to learning more humility and discretion in the exposition of my life. But that's no excuse for being so utterly silent. So, here's my promise to you: nothing. I'm not going to make promises I can't keep, so I won't promise to be a prolific poster of ...stuff. But I'll try, 'k? Soon? Y'all come back now, y'hear?