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You can play my music on your blog

If I understand this correctly, there should be a box of some kind to let you play my songs here on the blog ... and y'know what? You can put it on your blog, too! Just go to my page at to get the code. I'm gonna see if I can slap this up on the sidebar, too. Visit Big **** Superstar on now!

Word of the day: obdurate

I like to think I have a great big sesquipedalian verbosiage, but the morning news editor called Ruth outwordifies me on a semifornightical basis. Today, while discussing her cat's resistance to change in its environment -- ie they moved the scratching post -- she tossed out "obdurate" to describe the cat. I stopped her in mid-sentence and went searching for what the goddamned hell that means. From Merriam-Webster : Main Entry: ob·du·rate Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Latin obduratus, past participle of obdurare to harden, from ob- against + durus hard — more at during Date: 15th century 1 a: stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing b: hardened in feelings2: resistant to persuasion or softening influences Okay, so ... like ... go get at yer smart-talkin'. Ruth's word-thinking was called into play last week, too. I was reading some cold copy about China's reaction to the U-S-and-A's destruction of its dead spy satell

New Big Ass Music

Hallo, all! I hope the winter isn't wearing you all down. We've had storm after storm here in Halifax, but from what I see on the news, it's nothing like southern Ontario has been getting this season. Keep warm and safe! I've put two new songs up on the Big Ass Superstar page at . Ticket To Spain is a cover of the opening track from Cub 's second album Come Out, Come Out . I really like the way the drums turned out. Buenas Tardes Amigo is a cover of "the Mexican song" from Ween's Chocolate and Cheese . It's my most ambitious production yet. It's more than seven minutes long and features a dramatically building mix of acoustic and electric guitars, drums, and even a string section! It's one of the few times I haven't piled a ton of effects on my singing. Check it out and enjoy! (And slug me a good rating or review if you feel like it!)

Halifax Scientology Protests

Several years ago, I started voraciously devouring everything I could find about Scientology. I was disturbed and outraged by what I learned, and told everyone I knew about the dark side of Scientology. Most friends thought I was ... well, perhaps misplaced with my interest and perhaps they were a little dubious of the facts I was presenting. As it turns out, this was one of the few times in my life I've actually been ahead of the curve in regard to something that'd eventually become a "big thing" in society. The other one that comes to mind is computers and video games ... I was heavy into that stuff way before it became socially okay or even cool to do so. Then, when it was cool, I wasn't so interested, and now I'm a zero-skills gamer and I don't know how to use Excel or Word. Now, in the case of Scientology, a loosely-gathered group calling itself "Anonymous" has targeted the Church of Scientology after the recent kerfuffle over the Tom Cr

Big Ass On Skis

Exploring the wilderness on skis. , originally uploaded by BigAssSuperBlog . We took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday by taking a trip to Ski Martock, about 45 minutes away from Halifax outside of Windsor, Nova Scotia. I haven't been cross-country skiing in ... well ... 25 years? I feel really old to be able to say I haven't done something in 25 years. That just feels so wrong. I skied (that doesn't look like it's spelled correctly) about as well as someone who hasn't skied in 25 years would, especially if he wasn't a good or even adequate or even passable skier 25 years ago. As you can see from the "Scott The Explorer" shot above, I had wet spots on my pants from several falls. As you might not be able to see from the shot above, I landed on my poles. I (mostly) straightened them out. All in all, a good day out. Additional notes ... yes, my glasses are fogged up there ... skiing is hard work! ... The photos were taken with a Motorla Razr

Sleeping in on Saturday morning

Sleeping in on Saturday morning , originally uploaded by BigAssSuperBlog . Amanda captured this shot of Kitty resting her arm on mine while we both slept in this morning.

Anonymous cat is anonymous

If you don't understand why this is funny, read up on Anonymous and its/their recent efforts re: Scientology. If you still don't think it's funny, that's okay. Read some other lolcats stuff instead.