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Bienvenue a Quebec

For all who are wondering whether we got here okay -- yup, we did. Rolled in around 10:15pm after a slight mis-drive in the wrong direction heading into town. Then it started pouring rain while we looked for our hotel. Bla bla bla, long story short, we're in a pub at 10:45 waiting for dinner. Updated love goes out to Chris and Shannon for hosting us in St. Ratford, mom and dad for being pleasantly surprised, and to Sandra and Byron for putting us up in their awesome new home last night. Bon appetit.... Soon, I hope!

Holiday Road

Greetings from my Blackberry! We're on summer vacation now, and we've covered a lot of ground already in the little Kia Rio 5. Day one was a drive from Halifax, through Nova Scotia, through New Brunswick, to Riviere du Loup in Quebec. Photos to come of the vintage neon sign at the motel, which was attached to a St-Hubert chicken restaurant. The motel reception was at the take-out counter. Our waiter Benoit tipped us off to a decent fireworks show that night. Next day was a long long drive to Bradford to spend a coupla days with Amanda's family. Barb and Wendall hosted us fabulously. We even got to Ikea to pick up some stuff -- although the first Ikea in Canada was in Dartmouth, there's none near us, so that was cool. Then yesterday we drove to Stratford and surprised my parents by just walking in the door completely unannounced. They had no idea we were coming! Narrowly missed another up-close fireworks show last night in Stratford. Tomorrow we're off to T

Still faceless, but feeling the pressure

I'm still not on Facebook. But, I'm not sure how long I'll stay that way. I've received invites from several people in the past week or two -- from a former coworker at a TV station, from a university classmate, and a grade-school/high school classmate. I know that I've told several people my own reasons for not being on Facebook so far -- but now I'm down to bargaining with myself to see if there's a way to be signed up, yet still hold to my objections. Today I did a google search on "why I'm not on facebook" . I only got seven hits. Other searches turned up a few results, but not much to solidly reinforce my own opposition. One argument is that if people want to find me, I'm easily found via Google. You'll land right at A poster at offers a similar point of view: I have this thing about trying to keep my online existence stable, so if you link to something of mine, it will still be a