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Merry Christmas

It's been a light year of posting on this blog, but a heavy year in the real world. I hope you're having a peaceful and joyous Christmas. Greetings from me, Mrs. Superstar, and the kitties, Kitty and Kitty. Here's the stripy Kitty.

re: 'The Truth' about Mark Dailey and Subdivisions: A final chapter?

The Voice of Toronto news died today. American-born newscaster and voiceover performer Mark Dailey died today after a second battle with cancer. He defeated prostate cancer, but several months ago revealed he had kidney cancer. Then, it spread elsewhere. Into his lungs. Both of his lungs. In recent days, he was in a coma. This afternoon, he died. I didn't know Mark well. In fact, our interactions were fleeting enough that I'd be surprised if he recognized me, although we worked in similar circles enough that he'd probably know me first by name. Over the years, our primary connection became through the persistent legend that Mark's voice was the one saying "Subdivisions" in the Rush song of the same name. It was a legend I perpetuated in good faith. I detailed the debate in a long blog post in January, 2008 , but the TL;DR of it is this: I was told it was Mark. It sounds exactly like him. I asked Mark and he confirmed it was him . I had him say the line,