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Amanda has died. Her body is gone, but her legacy remains

I'm sad to report the death of Amanda Simpson. She was 37.

We thought she had more time -- not much more, but more.

Amanda died at home Tuesday evening, just hours after a good meeting with her doctor and nurse to plan out the weeks to come.

She spent much of the day with an old friend. She has been visited by many friends and relatives in the past few weeks.

Thanks to their work, Amanda came close to one of her life's goals: seeing her garden finished. She had two grand legacy projects. Her garden, and her Gordon. I will take good care of both, as per her wishes.

Amanda's body is now with Woodland Cemetery with cremation scheduled for tomorrow. Details on a service have yet to be determined. I will update here and at

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been so supportive over the past 3+ years, from the day Gordon was born and the ovarian cancer was first discovered, through long months of treatment, relapses, setbacks and reprieves.

Difficult times are still ahead. I feel the warmth of so many people, and I am grateful to be near so much love from family in London and Stratford. I know people around the country and beyond have been following our story. The story's not over. This chapter is.

Amanda's legacy lives on in Gordon, in the garden, in me, in her family, and more that will unfold in the future.

(I apologize to anyone who feels blindsided by this news -- we've tried to contact as much family as possible before sharing on Facebook. Real human contact is always better than digital, but this medium carries the message in today's world.)


  1. Scott and Gordon you have my condolences and sympathy. Bonnie Bonnetta

  2. Scott, I've been following this from day one. I'm so so sorry. My thoughts are with you and Gordon. Ig.

  3. Scott, I am so sorry for the passing of Amanda. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Gordon as you navigate the days, months and years ahead. Thank you for sharing your story with us all.

  4. I`m so sorry, Scott. The fact that there was knowledge this day was coming can`t make it any easier. As always, there`s a truckload of love and compassion for you and Gordon and your whole family, and I hope that helps as much as possible during this period and beyond.

  5. Following silently for years. Sorry for such a loss.

  6. So very sorry to hear about Amanda's passing. Sending light and love to you and her precious boy. Can't imagine the loss you are feeling.

  7. Tina friend & neighbourJuly 24, 2016 at 3:10 PM

    Well Scott after the beautiful " Celebration of Life " for Amanda today I felt impelled to come home and read your blog. Much of what I learned through conversations with Amanda. It was very sad to see Amanda working so hard in her gardens and on your house knowing she could only enjoy it for a short time. All the while sharing her smile, being friendly with the neighbours while celebrating the best she could being a new Mom. Our neighbourhood is much nicer because of your family . Gone but not forgotten. Please keep in touch and continue to share the " Little Man " with us.

  8. Scott just found out today. and went back and read from the beginning.. wow .. your wife and child were lucky to have you and you them... i'm sure nothing at this moment dulls the pain... but know you have many friends near and far even if not seen often.. i am sending out as much positive vibes as i can for you and your family sincere condolences lots of love Vivian Barclay


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