Shooting KISS in concert in Halifax NS

Another concert shoot! Just weeks after photographing Rush at the Halifax Metro Centre, I got to shoot KISS at the same venue. Two songs, no flash. (Psycho Circus and Shout It Out Loud.)

I shot more than 500 images and managed to turn that overwhelming pile into more than 20 processed pictures before bedtime last night, when I put them together for an article on

Check it out here: KISS rocks Halifax Metro Centre

Because of the conditions of the photo release, I can't publish the images here or on Flickr or Google+. Head over to the radio station site to have a look.

Rock on!

I'm still brand new at this, so the experience was so intense that I didn't really "hear" the music and probably shot way too many frames. The results were impressive, though.

And for the photo-curious, and as a lesson to myself when I get another chance to do some concert photography in the future, here are the settings I used for these pictures: Canon T4i with 18-135mm STM lens, Servo AI AF, spot metering -2/3 stop, 1/125 sec, 1600 ISO.

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