Unboxing nostalgia Under The Stairs

Meet my latest web series: Under The Stairs.

When I moved from Toronto to Halifax in 2005, I had to part with a lot of cool collectibles. There was no way we were going to ship a Pac-Man machine or 60-pound reel-to-reel recorder across the country, for example. And considering I was moving in with a woman, some of the items did not have a place in the new apartment.

Some of my most treasured items did survive. I put them in a big plastic tote labeled "SCOTT ARCHIVE" and when we moved into our house, it was put under the stairs with the Christmas decorations.

In the new series, I'll be digging into the box to rediscover some cherished memories.

Here's Episode 1, where I find a 15" Kenner Darth Vader action figure from 1978. It's available in Full HD (1080p) so hit the full-screen button and enjoy.

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