Six hours of me talking

I've been in the news-radio business long enough that I've tried almost everything there is to try ... with a few exceptions.

This weekend brings a whole new challenge: The Talk Show!

I'm filling in for Erin Trafford this Saturday & Sunday (November 19/20) on Maritime Morning Weekend Edition.

Producer Brett Ruskin has helped line up a great pair of shows, running 9am to noon, Atlantic Time.

You're welcome to tune in on the Rogers radio stations in Halifax, Moncton and Saint John, or listen live on the net at, where you may one day also find a podcastable replay.

Very exciting!


  1. woowoo! congrats, hope it's a fun experience for you :)

    I'll be working this weekend, if I can figure out how, I'll try to tune in from work. Good luck!


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