Yet another new web site in the Cygnals/Big Ass family

I'm using blogger to launch yet another web site.

That's where I'm showcasing my slideshow work and hustling for new clients. I still don't have a price structure up, because I don't feel like being the kind of guy who nickels and dimes people. Even so, I don't want to sell myself short, either.

So, under the umbrella of Big Ass web sites and loosely-linked affiliates:
  • : the venerable old Cygnals Multimedia site, dumping ground for old, old information like my previous life as pro wrestling star Doctor Love, and remnants of the old Cygnals magazine
  • : where you are now, obviously
  • : a fan site dedicated to now-defunct Vancouver punky-pop band Cub
  • : slideshows and video montages made in Halifax for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, memorials and farewells
  • and : hilarious mocking of listings on free classifieds sites Kijiji and eBay Classifieds. I can't disclose what links I may have with these sites, if there's any at all
  • : my buddy Sandra's blog. I don't run it, but I registered the name for her birthday. You should check it out. She's interesting.

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