Friday, December 11, 2009

Ratings share up, company shares down

Thanks to the Industry Minister's decision to override the federal telecom regulator's decision to keep a foreign-owned cell-phone company out of the market, my company's stock has fallen today. So far it's down nearly 7%.

Ouch. This backs up my rationale in a recent post about getting out of company stock and getting into some more diversified investments.

And I had the share withdrawal forms all filled out and ready to go, since the stock was climbing all week. Booo.

Oh well. Them's the breaks.

In other news, ratings were up huge for my show. If I'm going to second-guess the ratings system when the numbers are less than stellar, I want to be consistent in my skepticism. Even though the latest survey suggests year-to-year growth that should blow my mind and make me super-happy, I'm going to temper my enthusiasm and just say I'm glad people are listening.

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