(ten?) Tech-Related Bandwagons I Skipped

Some people think of me as a cutting-edge tech geek. That just ain't true. I was, perhaps, an ahead-of-my-time nerd in the 1980s, but I've opted not to take part in many of the tech fads of the modern era. Here are the big ones that come to mind.

- Facebook -

I'm not on the facebook. It often seems like I'm the only one. Social networks sound like fun, but I've never been particularly social, so I've yet to see the use. One day I might.

- Twitter -

I honestly don't see the point. I know it's the big cool thing now, but I really really don't get the fuss. I'm neither a tweeter nor a follower.

- Skype -

I love the idea of it. Free long distance. Quality voice connections. Multi-party conversations. Videophone. Free free free. But I've never installed it because I don't know if anyone else I know would install it too.

- Instant Messaging -

Remember ICQ? AIM? MSN? What IM app is cool these days? Damned if I know. I got online chatting out of my system back when IRC was entirely text-based and required arcane commands.

- MySpace -

I'm not even sure what it's for. I think it has something to do with music. But every time I've happened upon a MySpace page, it's looked ugly. Very ugly. Ugly and chaotic with pages of weird-looking people saying "thanks for adding me". I'd like to have people listen to my music, and I'm sure it'd put me in touch with some interesting people, but ... ick.

- RSS -

Sounds like a great idea -- to have all the blogs and web sites I visit aggregated in one place. But I've never figured it all out. Even though I offer it here (please subscribe via the button on the right), and endorse its power and awesomeness to anyone who would ask (no one ever has), I don't use it myself.

- Bluetooth -
I understand it can let you use your cell phone without pulling out your cell phone. Me, I don't mind pulling out my cell phone the rare time I need to make a call.

- Text messaging -

I use it to reply to reporters in the field when I'm at the editor's desk, but that's about it. I see these kids tap-tap-tapping away on their phonemachine gadgets. Meh.

- Cameraphones -

If my phone had a camera, I'd use it. But I'm using what's now an 'antique' Blackberry, and it has no phone. I've been using Blackberries since before Blackberries had model numbers -- back when it was just the black-and-white, pager-sized, a few lines of text RIM BlackBerry.

- Linux -

If I were really a geek, I'd know something about Linux. All I know is that I don't use it, but came close to trying it last summer when uninstalling Norton crippled Windows XP to the point that I spent many many hours on the phone with Microsoft's overseas tech support.

- Car -

I've never had a car. I've had a driver's licence, but that's about it.

Check in soon for some tech trends I *have* heartily embraced.


  1. whew, I'm not the only one...

    I *just* finished burning my first DVD. Seriously, I've NEVER burned ANYthing until tonight (that's always been your job, heh heh).

    you can add to your list that you haven't gotten on the mac bandwagon (yet?)

    I'm curious about Skype too but then I remember that I don't like to talk on the phone

  2. I think you're better than I am at putting technology to work for you. I really like what you've done with Denny.

    I has the Skype for videochatting with my friend who's in Israel. I think my landlords use it for long distance phone calls -- their number shows up on my call display as 000-123-456-7890.

    I only text messaged for work, pre-Blackberry and I hate myspace. omgwtfbbq lolz.

  3. wow, i didn't know people like you existed anymore. do you have like 5 free hours of life now every day? ;)

  4. Skype is great. You can use it to call landlines cheap (so the other person doesn't have to have Skype), or just agree to both install it at the same time with someone who is going to be far away.

    RSS is handy. *SO* many blogs I'd have lost track of if I didn't have their feeds on Google Reader and get my attention caught again by an interesting post title.

    Linux is really great. Next time you upgrade to a new computer, try installing Ubuntu on your old one. It doesn't have the full range of software Windows machines do, but it's rock solid (no blue screens of death or random crashes). Great for programming, surfing, e-mailing and word processing / spreadsheets.

    I agree with you on the rest (what *is* the point of MySpace and twitter? beats me). My friends drag me into facebook and IM and I resent it.


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