Monday, March 9, 2009

Zonkadonk tired

I don't know what's going on today.

At least two people in the office are home sick today. Those of us who are here are flat-out tired like a bag of rocks.

Why is that, now?

It's a bright, sunny, mild day in Halifax. Four hundred and seventy-eight starlings are chirping madly and flying in dark masses around the window ledges of the office building. Yet, I was rolling my eyes in exhaustion on the bus, and stumbled off to find my toque on the floor of the vehicle. Just....tired.

Any other day, I could lose an hour of sleep and not feel like this. But somehow the weekend daylight saving shift has wiped us all out.

How are *you* doing today?


  1. SAME!!!!

    I almost fell asleep in my desk chair today. I think its sometthing that we can't avoid so I vote for a STAT holiday right after daylight savings.... yes?

    Amy :)

  2. are you still tired? i hope not. cuz that means you're probably sick by now :( but if it makes you feel better, i'm CRAZYYYYY tired also right now.

    i think something funky is going on. oh well...