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House buying update: Consummatum est

Got the call this morning that the deal is a go.

Friday's home inspection turned up more problems than we expected: a non-functioning toilet, washing machine and dishwasher; outlets requiring GFCI plugs; air exchanger and ventilation issues. We went back to the sellers asking for a certain figure for repairs, but their agent was on vacation in the sunny south, and communication difficulties resulted. (To put it politely.) The sellers came back with a cash-back figure $1500 lower than our proposal, but we're not greedy, so we're taking it.

I'd celebrate with champagne-style-beverage, but I'm at work now, so that's not gonna happen until later.

On the other great-karma/bad-health news, I celebrated with lunch at Burger King, and despite ordering a regular Whopper, they gave me a double Whopper. Free meat.

So, high-fives all around. Closing date is the 31st. I'm hoping the pipes at the home don't freeze before then.


  1. Congrats on the house! Really some minor issues that sound resolvable. Don't sweat the BKing it's the season anyways =P Next month we all hit the treadmills together and work it all off anyways...

  2. Hi Scott,

    ... I think you are the same scott who worked on the 'zine "Cygnals"! I came across your old 'zine while researching Toronto lost subway stations... long story short..I was wondering if it is at ALL possible for you to send me some pictures of the Lower Queen subway station, as the ones you have up on the 'zine do not work anymore.

    If you could please email me at, that would be totally great! Thank you so much for all of your help. Just incase you are wondering, I am very interested in doing a "project" with the station, and would be more then happy to endulge in the details with you!

    Thanks again,


  3. Hey, congrats to Scott n' Amanda! Yay! It looks HUGE compared to our little downtown T.O. abode...

  4. ding fries are done
    ding fries are done
    ding fries are done
    ding fries are done

  5. whoopee! :) congrats. I keep seeing Futurama Zoidberg exclaiming "Look at me! Zoidberg, homeowner!"

    pipes shouldn't freeze unless they're not insulated/enclosed in vapour barrier, unless the tap to the outside hose hsan't been turned off yet!

    looking forward to seeing pics of the place...!

  6. That's exactly the concern ... they didn't shut off the tap to the outside hose. So ... it's been brrrr lately ... eek! Yup, pictures and all kindsa stuff coming as soon as we close this mofo!


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