Big Ass Fun Friday #8: DNTO does Halifax

I'm mid-way through listening to this week's podcast of CBC's Definitely Not The Opera. It's all about Halifax, and how the city is of just the right size and with overlapping social circles that virtually ensure that you'll run into people you know on an astonishingly frustrating basis. I'm not the most social or networked of individuals, but even I've noticed this!


We're packing our bags and heading to guest host Jonathan Torrens' hometown... Halifax! This week, we're following "Six Degrees of Jonathan Torrens." He'll be constructing his dream Halifax 'super band' to play a Canadian classic; we'll eavesdrop on his '80s cover band; and we'll tell you how to become a Hali "superconnector."
Visit the DNTO podcast page or just open the MP3 right here.

As much as I love Toronto and was proud as heck to live there, Halifax is super-neat and keen and has an extra layer of "hey, you ought to check this place out". I can only hope I'll be as impressed with Timberlea, which is technically part of the same municipality as Halifax (much as Etobicoke is Toronto).

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