This week in creepy crawly produce

As a follow-up to last week's Bug in my broccoli article, here's another creature found in produce from the Barrington Market Atlantic Superstore. This fuzzy fellow was discovered this evening in a bag of organic grapes. Oh, yum. It appears to be some kind of spider, maybe, although a pulsing, twitchy thingy on its ass-end gives it the aura of a scorpion.

Here's another shot, taken with a flash:

Y'know, the border guards seized some gifts I brought home from Cuba on the chance that they *might* contain foreign creatures. Yet I bring home produce from my local superstore that invites interesting species right into my home.

I'll keep y'all abreast of any new surprises from the produce section. Meantime -- WTF are these bugs in our food? Any amateur entomologists in the crowd? I almost wish I found a bee in my ice cream or something, so Sandra could give me a science lesson on it!

Click the images above to go to the originals on Flickr if you want an even closer look.

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