Robots are a threat to sleep

The robot revolution was supposed to let we humans sleep more and sleep better, but that wasn't the case last night.

Twice this morning, in the early early morning when Amanda and I both wanted to sleep deeply, the Roomba in the dungeon (the spare bedroom/office/BigAssStudios) woke up and went on a mission. I didn't hear it the first time until it had made its way to the bathroom and my mate was shoving me awake.

Perhaps the Roomba has developed some sentience.

But I think the likely explanation is that my cat has figured out how to turn it on. If she can't wake us (me) up by shouting, we're utterly doomed if she starts sending the robot vaccum cleaner out to wake us up.


In searching the web to see if anyone else has had this problem, I found a devilishly fun idea -- tape a laser pointer to the top of the Roomba and let the cats go crazy.

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