Dressing up the Roomba

I saw an ad on this here web page (eg. bigasssuperstar.com) that made me believe in the power of targeted Google ads.

It sent me to myRoomBud.com -- a place that sells costumes for the Roomba.


The site describes itself as "is a profitable, privately owned company started by kids, built by kids, and run by kids". Kids who make costumes for robot vacuums.

I wish 'em all the best! I feel like my Roomba vacuums are fragile enough that wrapping them in fabric would be tempting disaster, but it would be quite a hoot to have something looking less sci-fi running around after the cats.

Well, that, and my kitty would no longer be able to see the buttons and turn on the vacuum in the middle of the night!

If you ever see an ad for this place, you may want to investigate further.

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