Cutting cell phone costs by 50 per cent

After having a look at some bills, I decided my $100/month+ BlackBerry bill was ridiculous.

My first step was to kill the $11 extras package. That means no more voice mail or caller-ID. Fine with me, since Amanda's about the only who calls me on my BlackBerry.

Next up was the voice-data plan. I've been on the $90/month voice & data plan for about three years. Crazy.

So I called Rogers, and they told me about a $35 plan with 300 daytime minutes and 500 megabytes of data, plus a selection of other bonuses. Bingo!

But the employee discount office* told me there was no such plan, so I'd have to settle for the $50 voice & data plan with 150 anytime minutes, 500 megabytes of data and unlimited Rogers-to-Rogers calling. Sounds good!

So, I've cut my $100+ bill down to $50. The * refers to the employee discount -- since I'm in the Rogers family, I get a discount that makes this plan very easy to stomach.

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