Sunday, October 5, 2008

Puttering around on the weekend

It's been a decent weekend. Nice weather in Halifax, with a few clouds, lots of sun, a breeze and cool temps.

I spent some time and muscle yesterday cleaning the balcony windows. It makes a good bit of difference -- until the next time it rains, anyway. With all those doors, though, I had a helluva time with streaks.

I've been spending quite a stretch browsing through a couple of good blogs:

- Unclutterer, which is making me think I should spend some time going through the boxes in the closet to see what I can sell on kijiji or ebay. I threw out a ton of stuff when I moved out here that I could've probably gotten some good coin for, if I'd had a bit more time and/or motivation.
- StopBuyingCrap, which goes along nicely with the concept.

Speaking of clutter, you'll now notice some ads on the site. I hope they're not too cluttery. As documented earlier, PayPerPost kicked me out of their network a while back. I got an email from them this week saying hey, your blog has been approved now and you can start taking ad opporunities! I wrote back and said hey -- I gave up on you guys 'cuz you gave up on me. What gives? No explanation yet. So now I'm running ads through Google.

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