Saturday, October 18, 2008

Markets tank; net worth down but not out

I just added this month's entry over at

Yup, things are down.

My Rogers stock is down almost 10% this month. It's really about 20-25% below the book value -- the average of what I paid for the stock. ($40.88/share vs $32.50 at close yesterday.)

My mutual funds are down a *lot* with the huge drops in the stock markets, but my overall RRSP portfolio is not, thanks to having the majority of my investments in money market funds. My retirement fund is down about 4% for the month.

My cash-on-hand position -- liquid, hands-on, grabbable money -- is up 25% over a month ago. Of course, that'll go down as I spend it.

Altogether, my net worth dropped 3.31% over the month. Not bad considering the panic going 'round.

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