Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If Dr. Phil and Dave Ramsey had a Canadian cousin

Here's a quick shout-out and thank-you to Canada's gift to the financially illiterate, Gail Vaz-Oxlade.

Gail is famous nationwide as the host of Til Debt Do Us Part on Slice. The show also airs on AmericanLife TV Network in the USA and on Zone Reality in the UK. She takes couples whose relationships are being undermined by financial difficulties and teaches them how to turn their lives around. Wikipedia has a thorough episode guide. Well, not really. They name and number the episodes. Big whoop.

Hey, there's also a Wikipedia article about Gail.

Gail has written some books, but you can get most of the financial coaching you need from her web site.

- -- the front page

- I read Gail's Blog every day

- A new section lets people share their success stories

- Browse a fine selection of articles

- Gail takes Questions and Answers them

She's also become quite an expert on divorce (see the Splitsville section), yet hasn't turned into a bitter man-hater.

Gail is fiery, knowledgable, direct, compassionate and doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Whether you want to cobble together a workable budget or just have someone kick your butt into taking action, drop by her site and start getting your act together.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE 'Till Debt Do Us Part.' It's one of my favourite shows, along with 'Maxed Out.'

  2. I liked her show when I had cable.

    What exactly does "doesn't suffer fools gladly" mean? I think I fit that description, but tend to be kind of a jerk with people I think are fools.

  3. k@w: I dig TDDUP more than Maxed Out ... I like 'em both ... but Gail's show feels like the original, and Maxed Out the copy. Production values on TDDUP are better, I think she's a better, more knowledgable host ... and Maxed Out feels like a hokey setup much of the time. The message is good in both, and I look forward to both, but I'd have to pick Gail's show over Maxed Out.

    jason: exactly. I don't think she has much patience for people who don't bother to read. Ask her something obvious, and you may get told to "look it up, dummy!"

  4. Wow! I just found this and I'm very, very flattered. Thanks for the whelming vote of confidence. And you're right. I can't abide dopes who won't lift a finger to help themselves. I get hundreds of questions every week that ask exactly the same thing. It is, of course, a sign of how much trouble we are in. But people have to decide to take control of their own lives and do some of the hard work to get themselves straightened out. For those who are trying, I have all the time in the world. g