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I had a Livejournal account?

I totally forgot that I had a Livejournal account.

How? I mean ... gosh, if I forgot that, what else could I have not remembered? (Answer: oh, probably quite a bit from that particular chapter of my life.)

I was doing a tiny bit of inbox maintenance and sorted my Outlook Express by one of the columns, and saw a Livejournal account setup confirmation. Much to my surprise, I found a series of entries from January to March 2003.

The one that almost surprised me was from January 17, 2003:

"I fore see my credit card debt being paid off around the time of my first warm-weather sunburn of the year"

Well, why did I have a space between 'fore' and 'see'?

More importantly, why did I have credit card debt that would take months to pay off? That seems utterly incongruous with my current debt-is-evil outlook.

If I recall correctly, it's from the breakup with my chronically underemployed (Arby's, Tim Horton's) girlfriend-of-the-time. Shortly after a second vacation with her to her home province, I bought her a plane ticket to go back to her home province (and not come back), and she never fully paid me back. I think the debt came from that. Happily, I never paid less than the minimum on the card, and my credit rating came out shiny in the end.


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