Credit card company sent me money

I got a cheque in the mail from Citi Cards Canada!


"To reduce the balance of your Citi MasterCard account to zero at this time," says a letter, "we are enclosing a refund cheque for the credit balance of the account."

Yup, after overpaying my account, I assume, I've not used my MasterCard for months. I took it out of my wallet to free up space and haven't used it since. I can use it online just fine, since I've memorized the number of my oldest CC, but I just haven't. So they sent me money.

One problem, though.

They didn't seal the envelope.

The cheque and letter came in a completely open envelope. Anyone who peeked inside could've snatched my credit card number. Boo!

I called Citi and a nice customer service man told me that this "happens from time to time." But he'll let someone know.

I'm tempted to just close the account and be done with it, but this is my oldest card with the oldest credit history.

$3.35! Oh, where to spend?!

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