Bug in my broccoli

Bug in my broccoli, originally uploaded by BigAssSuperBlog.

What the hell is this?! It was in a bag of broccoli we bought at the Atlantic Superstore. It looks like some kind of caterpillar or something.


  1. You tossed out the best part. This is the "added protein" from Monsanto. But why anyone would buy broccoli....

  2. Are you actually freaked out by this? A bug on/in something that grows on the ground?

  3. Oh, I expect that there will be, y'know, surprises in earth-based noms. Just not after they were picked up by me, put in a bag, and kept in the fridge for four days. Amanda was actually the freaked-out one, 'cuz she thought it was a curled-up brown leaf...and only realized it was a "snail" (it's not a snail) when it was in her hand. And then freaked out a little more when it was apparent that the thing wasn't dead. And maybe laying eggs in our dinner.

    Protein, yeah. True. As they say at Microsoft, "it's not a bug -- it's an undocumented feature".

  4. This isn't tiny, btw. It's about an inch long.

  5. NO THANKS. ew.

    If I was shopping at Jungle Congo foods, ok but not at a big store where I expect my overpriced broccoli to be bug free.


    I bought broccoli from the StoopidStore near work the other day.


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