Big Ass Superstar is NowPublic

Every once in a while, the crowd-powered news service NowPublic gets in touch with me to use one of my Flickr photos for its news stories. I'm always happy to oblige. This week they're using a snap from New York City for their item about the US National Debt Clock:

Remember when gas stations ran out of the number "4" to put on their signage when prices skyrocketed? Well, there's a similar predicament in Times Square. The National Debt Clock has run out of spaces to display $10 trillion in red numerals.
By adding $100 billion to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and $700 billion to bail out banks and the credit market, there's no room for more zeroes.

See more stories at NowPublic, and more Big Ass pics at Flickr (where I continue to have bear-lovers tagging my photos as favourites, and my account as a 'contact').

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