Monday, September 29, 2008

Auditioning to find the Proof

Former co-anchor Deb forwarded me a job posting a few weeks ago. The casting people were looking for a host for an in-development show called "Proof". The description of the host role seemed to suit me perfectly, so I got Jason after his weekend shift, headed down to Granville Mall, and shot a quick demo. Here's what I cooked up.

Postscript: I haven't heard back from the producers, and they may never call. That's fine. It sounds like a great gig, but I'm sure it's a long-shot. I had fun doing up a resume and cutting together some highlights.


  1. I'd hire ya! That was really good - must have been fun, and really, it's amazing to see how much people are willing to just say pretty well anything when there is a camera around eh?

  2. Thank you, jojo! I have plenty of experience hustling strangers on the street for interesting clips from my time at 680 ... but doing it on camera and not, y'know, wiping sweat off my forehead and stuff ... it's a different kinda game.