The Ring

The Ring, originally uploaded by BigAssSuperBlog.

For those who've been curious, here's Amanda's engagement ring. Custom crafted by Fire Works Gallery in Halifax. Round brilliant ideal-cut Hearts & Arrows diamond in half-bezel setting, white gold.
I love the way it sparkles -- but I'm not fancy-pants photographer enough to be able to capture that detail.


  1. I have to ask ... cash, credit or rogers stock?


  2. It's absolutely beautiful, Scott.

  3. gigs: credit, paid off before due-date with cash. And worth every penny.

  4. Just gorgeous!

    Have you added it as a "listed item" to your tenant's insurance policy yet?

  5. Just look at us who take the romance out of all this ...
    payment, insurance ... etc.

  6. Love your blog! Your life sounds like me and my fiance, two cats and engaged to be married. My fiance is short, squishy and hairy and is a radio personality. Congrats to you and Amanda!

  7. aija: Gosh, looking at your blog, I'm trying to figure out what brought you to -- I'm guessing either my crack about the Latvian hockey fans, my love of Rush, or both?


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