On turning 35

Well, I turned 35 yesterday.

And it's occurred to me that I'm really glad I've spent the last few years making a concerted effort to "grow up" -- 'cuz I'd sure feel like an idiot turning such a grown-up age as 35 if my life were in the same state as it was, say, when I was 30. I feel much more like my life matches my age now than I did at any other landmark birthday.

For reflections on other recent birthdays, see my 2006 thoughts on turning 33 and my 2006 post about birthday wishes. Looks like I didn't write a birthday post last year.


Big Ass Summer Vacation Tour 2008 is under way. We're in Bradford Ontario right now, heading to Stratford tomorrow afternoon to dine and BBQ with my sister's family and our parents. Friday takes me to Toronto to visit with Sandra as Amanda sees her aunt. Then back to Stratford for the weekend, and Tuesday we're on to New York City!
Thanks to Barb and Wendall for their patience and generous hospitality so far, and to the rest of the crew: we'll see you soon with much love.


Today was my last day at work, and I'm okay with that

Today marks a weird spot on the calendar for me. It’s one of those landmarks that really doesn’t mean anything, other than to illustrate the...