Scott.... there's someone at the door!

What a surprise!

My mom and dad showed up Sunday for a visit!

Amanda knew in advance and arranged through my boss to get me two days off. My folks showed up Sunday afternoon and completely surprised me. What a treat!

They stayed for Monday and Tuesday, and we went out and saw some sights including the Halifax cemetery where some of the Titanic victims are buried, and the Halifax Citadel. Even though I live right across the street, I'd never been up there to see the old fortifications.

Yes, they ate donairs. Yes, they liked them, even though, IMHO, they weren't among the best donairs we've ever had.

Thanks to everyone involved in crafting this sneaky and super-sweet surprise. It was great to see my parents again after nearly a year. I'm so glad they were able to get out here to visit for the first time. I hope to see them again soon!

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