Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hola from Cuba, mang

Greetings from the sunny shores of the Barcelo Marina Palace in Varadero, Cuba.

We're having a lovely time here. The food is fabulous (bacon bacon bacon, as promised), the staff is friendly, the amenities are plenty, and the weather has been decent. The first coupla days were H-O-T-T and humid like a sticky Toronto afternoon, but today it's a lot cooler and windy... too surfy to swim.

Tomorrow we're off to Havana for a tour ... next day is a half-day of snorkeling on the reef.

Lots of photos to come upon our return.

Many thanks to Laura for cat-sitting ...

The internet is slow, and for some reason the hotel appears to be using Vista on its two public machines with mucho security enabled, so I can't even get at my main email ... so ... I'm gonna wrap up and go get a sunburn.

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